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C60 Oils Update:

Argan C60We now have a small stock of Argan C60 on hand for immediate delivery! Once this is gone we will be taking orders for Early Oct.

Black Seed C60: Our Mid September batches are sold out, and we are now taking orders for our Early Oct Batches.

…New C60 Product Announcement coming soon!!

Our purest organic Oils have been infused with C60 Fullerenes!  All of the incredible benefits of Argan and Black Seed Oil, with the amazing addition of C60 to take it to the next level!

C60 Fullerenes, are a newly discovered natural Carbon molecule that has taken the medical research world by storm.

Countless studies showed that C60 Fullerenes exhibit incredible potential in biology and medicine, including UV and radioprotection, antiviral, antioxidant activities, allergic response inhibitions, immune stimulating and anti-tumour effects, and even hair-growing activity.

Want to know more about C60 Fullerenes? Please visit our Research Page for an extensive listing of scientific and medical studies and papers on the benefits of C60

C60 Fullerenes: What are they, and how can they benefit you?

On June 14th we hosted our first C60 Live Presentation to discuss the basics of C60 Fullerenes and the research behind them. The recording of the Presentation and the Q&A afterwards is available to view here:

C60 Pre-Sale launch

Find out more about our Pure Argan C60 & Black Seed C60

C60 Research

Extensive listings of scientific on the benefits of C60

Order your C60 here

Visit our shop to place your pre-sale order

Summer is HERE!!

Too much Sun can turn a lovely Summer Day into a miserable experience. If you’ve gotten a bit too much sun, relief is just a drop or two away!!

Our S.O.S Rescue Serum is made with pure Argan Oil & Black Seed Oil, with added essential oils to sooth and ease the burn, bringing quick relief to your poor singed skin!

S.O.S Serum was made with to soothe and relieve sunburns, but our ingredients also bring broad spectrum relief to many skin issues, including: insect bites, dermatitis & allergic rashes, itchy irritated skin,  and it even soothes  jelly fish stings!

"I keep this treasure bag of emergency essences with me at ALL times! I am using each and every one of them daily, for me and for my 3 younger special needs children. For those times when chaos hits, over scheduled days, when i'm feeling out of balance, when the childrens ADHD brains are moving faster than their mouths and body can handle, or at night time when my brain cant stop but my body says "Stop Now!". These beautiful bottles have been a definite rescue for me and these wonderful littles! I will be purchasing more next week, Our home can NOT be without these essences."
Charlotte M