C60 Fullerenes: What are they? And how can they benefit me?


On June 14th 2018, I hosted a live presentation  on: “C60 Fullerenes: What are they? And how can they benefit me?”

Below you will find the video of the presentation.  After the presentation I opened the Chat to take questions, and I dove into further detail about how C60 is put into oils, our methods, and I discussed our own observations from the tests that we have run in our family and a small group of friends.  I have edited some of the Q&A to remove personal comments/information that came up during the discussion.

I am always available to answer any questions people may have.  I will add this note for absolutely clarification:  I am NOT a Doctor, nor do I have a medical licence.  I do not give “medical advice” and can only offer my personal perspective on results I have witnessed, or on studies and experiments that I have read and reviewed for information purposes only. None of my statements, comments or posts should be taken as “Medical Advice”.



C60 Presentation


C60: Questions & Answers



PDF of the C60 Presentation, June 14th 2018


C60 Presentation, June 14th 2018




6 thoughts on “C60 Fullerenes: What are they? And how can they benefit me?”

  1. I have been looking into c60 and all the confusion about this. I appreciate you providing your research and information. I just came across information affiliated with Sofia Smallstorm and she has info on her site about the dangers of c60 toxicity etc…That it’s not as safe as we may think. Or could they be testing or looking at research studies that are focusing on something different? I really don’t know. Here is one site: https://independz.wixsite.com/c60-nanoscale-impact https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/089a87_d152df6ab53d470ca939679e9888792b.pdf Some of this info claims that the carbon nanotubes (which may be different than c60) not being present in the blood and accumulates in the lungs first..it’s all in the links provided. This is so confusing to me and appreciate any info you can provide regarding these topics. Thank You again!! Colleen
    http://byebyebluesky.com/morgellons/ This is also about Carbon NanoTubes. Is that totally different than c60 like your product would and your research?
    I may be mixing things up. I get the impression that the c60 doesn’t leave the body…? and may create these nanotubes.

    • C60 fullerenes are NOT the same thing as carbon nanotubes, number one. Studies have proven conclusively that the C60 particles DO leave the body. Unfortunately there are quite a few people talking about C60 that have no scientific comprehension of what they are talking about. Assumptions are made based on a single study, yet other studies disprove the assumptions…. We are also seeing a MASSIVE move by Big Pharma to try and scare people away from C60, and they are pushing out tons of poorly written studies and very twisted studies to support their claims.

    • there is major confusion by people over the use of the word “nanoparticles”, because people do not comprehend exactly what a nanoparticle is: a nanoparticle is any piece of matter that is less than 100 microns in size- EVERY molecule is a “nanoparticle”!!! This is why I covered this in the presentation that I did back in June. C60 cannot ever turn into, or combine/form into “nanotubes”- this is a completely separate particle that cannot be made with fullerenes.

  2. Dani, I’m so disappointed I missed the live conversation. I’m very, very interested both the oils with C60.
    I started reading the research papers; I got a brain cramp.
    When digesting the oil would you place 2 drops under the tongue? or with a TBL of distilled water?
    Is there any research on CBD oil with C60?
    I have severe dermatitis on my legs due to Graves disease/Autoimmune disease. Last year I traveled to Mexico and didn’t realize the UVA was at 12-13 and because I was in the sun it triggered a severe skin rash. Dr gave me 2.5% hydrocortisone creme only because it was so inflamed. I really didn’t want to use it but it was just so uncomfortable and swollen. I would like to use only the C60 topically.
    I’ll also use it on my hands, I have severe osteoarthritis and now plaque psoriasis has developed on the palm of my hand. I will keep a journal on how it works on me with pictures.

    Thank you Dani
    Crazy Crone

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