Membership Renovations

We are currently renovating our Gaea’s Garden Membership and upgrading  our “membership” softward. If you cannot sign in (or register), or wish to place an order, please email me your order, with a note that you are a GG member.

dani (at) gaeasgarden (dot) com

Our own Private Club

Where Gaea’s Garden Loyal Clients

have their own shop with special discounts,

and a place to openly discuss & research

our health and well being.


You are invited to shop in the members only store, where you can purchase any of our products at special prices just for you!


You can join our forums and chat, take part in our research discussions, and privately discuss health and skincare issues.

Video Discussions

You are invited to be a part of our video conference calls, to discuss research, the latest information and new products.

Why do we have a Private Membership?

We have spent the past 4 years struggling to keep our prices as low as possible so that everyone can afford good skincare.  Unfortunately this means that we do not make a very large margin for ourselves.  With increasing costs we needed to find a way to move forward…

We will be expanding our business to invite distributors to work with us, but to do that we must raise our retail prices. This private membership was created to make sure that all of our loyal clients can purchase the products they love, at the “old prices”

Register here

The GG Membership Registration is currently closed while we are renovating. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions: dani (at) gaeasgarden (dot) com

GG Private Membership is 20 euros a year

… and all UU Members receive their Gaea’s Garden Private Membership