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C60 Update!

We have Black Seed, Hemp & Argan C60  and our Reset Serum & Cream all in stock   Any back orders are held in priority sequence by the dates the orders are placed.

It's Hemp Seed Oil Month at Gaea's Garden.... and our Private Members get an extra special gift!

And the After Show Discussion with our Private Members

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C60 Q&A- August 8th 2018

Wednesday night we held the first Private Members discussion to talk about C60 in an open Question & Answer video call. If anyone has any questions, or would like to…

Our purest organic Oils have been infused with C60 Fullerenes!  All of the incredible benefits of Argan and Black Seed Oil, with the amazing addition of C60 to take it to the next level!

C60 Fullerenes, are a newly discovered natural Carbon molecule that has taken the medical research world by storm.

Countless studies showed that C60 Fullerenes exhibit incredible potential in biology and medicine, including UV and radioprotection, antiviral, antioxidant activities, allergic response inhibitions, immune stimulating and anti-tumour effects, and even hair-growing activity.

Want to know more about C60 Fullerenes? Please visit our Research Page for an extensive listing of scientific and medical studies and papers on the benefits of C60

C60 Research

Extensive list of scientific research on the benefits of C60 fullerenes.

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